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Across Academy

Across Hotel Academy is a new and innovative educational activity, designed to offer specialized tourist training by effectively combining theory with practical, hands-on training. The course is open and offered to all those who are active in the tourism market and who wish to acquire diachronic, high quality theoretical and practical knowledge and specialization in any of the fields of touristic activity. The course by Across Hotel Academy is open to executives, entrepreneurs, personnel of hotel, catering and other tourist companies, new executives who want to be employed in the tourist market. The key axis on which tourism training at Across Hotel Academy shall rest, is in itself a competitive advantage against all other tourism training schools, since: Training shall be developed in accordance with European training standards, as adopted and used by the best and most recognized tourism academies abroad. It is open only to those applicants who fulfill the basic criteria and conditions, as laid down by ACROSS. It shall offer specialized knowledge and training depending on the field of interest and employment of the trainees and for each department of a tourist enterprise. It shall offer higher rank executives of tourist enterprises the potential to step-up their knowledge and specialization. It will collaborate with similar academies abroad and renowned instructors and trainers. The graduates of the Academy shall be absorbed by hotel, catering and other companies of ACROSS Group and by collaborating tourist enterprises.