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Across Restaurants

across-restaurant-estiatoria-acrossAcross Restaurants offers its services to Restaurants, Catering Centers, Catering departments on Cruisers and Student Halls of Residence. Across Restaurants incorporates in its quality chain all catering companies who wish to follow the quality standards of the company, and assumes their full organization, management, development and operation. To those companies put under Across Restaurants? umbrella we offer integrated services, tailor-made to suit the needs, character and requirements of each catering company always with reference to the wider market within which such companies operate. Furthermore, Across Restaurants undertakes the subletting or purchase of catering companies which may be rendered viable and productive or, alternatively, offers a full range of services, such as: General and specialized Management Human Resources organization and management Marketing and Sales Management Site organization and layout Monitoring and management of the operational cost of the company Financial management and development Modernization of catering units Menu configuration Menu cost accounting Finding and selection of purveyors Personnel training Proposals for the viable and productive upgrade, renovation and expansion of the units.