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Company Profile

The services rendered by ACROSS to all hotel and catering companies include: The management and administration of the units. The organization and development of their individual departments. The staffing of the companies with suitable personnel and the management of such human resources. The organization of marketing and sales for the companies. Financial management and unit development. The provision of integrated proposals for company restructuring. The organization and support of the software for monitoring and reservations. Design and redesign of the companies? building infrastructure. The implementation of ACROSS standards and directives with respect to the operation and quality of the rendered products and services for each collaborating company. The subletting of hotel and catering companies. The purchase of viable hotel units and restaurants. The company is gradually and methodically expanding towards the development of new activities, aiming at making a dynamic entry in the field of the integrated applied tourist training as well as in the provision of consulting services for the overall spectrum of enterprises. The dynamics of the company rest on the excellent scientific training of its executives and their many years of experience in organizing and managing tourist sector companies. The mission of our company is to render, in the long run, every hotel or catering company under the umbrella of ACROSS operational and viable. The basic principle of the company is to harmonize each and every enterprise with the environment within which it operates, while respecting the locality and exploiting the competitive advantages of each region for the benefit not only of the company, but also of the wider social and natural environment.