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Daily excursions

During your vacation at its hospitable hotels, Across gives you the opportunity to accomplish daily excursions or interesting cruises, combined with the beauty of the landscapes, a full historic guidance and a rich full meal. At Chalkidiki, you may schedule, through the reception, a unique daily excursion alongside the coast of Agio Oros, as a relaxing boat trip. The boat is travelling alongside the coast, so as the passengers to enjoy the magnificent view of the monasteries. During the trip, a tourist guide provides interesting information about every monastery and the monasterial life while it gives you the opportunity to enjoy a greek traditional meal. At Samos, hotels Samos Bay and Aria Boutique Hotel suggest a daily excursion a daily excursion at the neighbor coast of Mikra Asia where you may visit Ancient Efesos and Kousantasi. At Ancient Efesos is located one of the largest archaeological museums of the planet, as well as one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world called ?The Artemisium?, which is a temple of Godess Artemis and it took more than 120 years to be built. At Kousantasi, which means ?Island of Pigeons? in Turkish and is a famous tourist resort, you may enjoy, the crystal blue water of the sea and continue with your purchases at the Roofed Bazaar where you may purchase spices, cosmetics, jewelleries, leather products and old furniture antiques, always at bargained prices. At Corfu, Across Hotels suggests a daily excursion at the ?Achilleum?, which is located on a bushing hill, surrounded by gardens. It is a palace built in a Pompae Court rhythm at 1892 and it was used as the hideaway of Queen of Austria, Elizabeth, commonly known as Sissy. Main characteristic of the island are the statues which typify mostly figures of the Greek mythology and heroes from the epics of Omirous, like the statue of ?Dying Achilleus?. Also, the areas of ?Kanoni?, ? Mon Reno?, ?Neo Kastro? and ?Pontikonisi?. You may as well try the traditional fruit of Corfu, ?Koum Kouat?. Beside the hotel Paradise Inn, is located the famous ?Palaiokastritsa?, an area of unique beauty with 6 magnificent beaches and a graphic fishermen?s harbor. We also, suggest visiting the Byzantine Monastery of ?Mother of God?, built on the top of a lush hill with an astonishing view. With a daily cruise you may visit the ?Diapontia Islands?, the northwest part of Greece, a complex of three small beautiful islands. Nature has endowed these islands with unique beauties. Dense vegitation , striking lacy beaches, golden sand, sea caves and graphic villages, compose the glory of this small paradise on earth. It worth leaving back the cosmopolitan Corfu for one day and, enjoy a cruise that will make you feel relaxed and insouciance at these quiet and remote islands which are famous for their traditional Greek Eptanisiotiki cuisine.