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diving-acrossWhat we offer:

ACROSS enables you to discover the magic of the seabed and to start/ take in an exciting hobby, in cooperation with international diving centers. The awe of the unknown underwater world and the satisfaction of an underwater exploration are elements inextricably linked with diving. Today there are 2 types of diving: free diving (without breathing apparatus) and scuba diving (using air cylinders). Scuba -Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus ? provides the divers with relative autonomy to enjoy a dive without being dependent on the boat above. The mysterious sea trails, the shipwrecks, the underwater adventure and the serenity of the deep blue of sea are elements that compose the scene of diving in the area of Halkidiki. (www.halkidiki.gov.gr ) Almost every place in Halkidiki is ideal for scuba diving, as underwater landscape varies significantly depending on the area from sandy seabed to steep cliffs and from crystal clear waters to dark underwater caves. As rich is also the seabed of Corfu in the Ionian Sea and of Samos in the Aegean. ACROSS cooperates with 17 organized diving centers, offering in this way to the customers this experience at very profitable price, usually with proper discounts