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Country Club Hotel & Suites

Hotel Description

Country Club Hotel & Suites, member of Across Hotels & Resorts. Located in Mikro Chorio village of Evrytania perfecture  is  just 10 km from Karpenisi over Krikelopotamos river and just 10 km from Velouhi ski center and 30 km from the canyon “PantaVrehei” .Nestled between the thick forest one of the most mountainous destinations of Greece combines luxury with simplicity of the landscape and local architecture. Around the hotel fir and chestnut forests are spread creating a sense of peace and relaxation and make the visitor live his own “story.” For your stay you can choose between its 24 double rooms and 5 suites . Rooms with or without fireplace, overlooking the sometimes green, sometimes whitewashed landscape of  Mikro Chorio village create an environment familiar and unforgettable to every visitor.

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