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There are places in Samos where if your eyes are shut and in a magic way you are transferred there without seeing the surrounding, you will open your eyes and believe that you are located somewhere in the mountain range of Pindos. Excessive? The same would feel someone for the incredible natural pandesia that characterizes Samos, the island of ?Pythagoras?. ?Kerkis? and ?Karbounis?, the most known mountains of Samos, are filled of footpaths and walking routes. The truth is that the suggested walking routes of the island may satisfy every desire. You may choose an easy path which starts from ?Kokkari? and through a beautiful route, passing from the northern villages of ?Karbouni?, leading to ?Bourliotes?. Also, another old path leads to the graphic ?Manolates? and then to ?Stavrinides?, where starts the descent to the sea, finishing at ?Agios Konstantinos?. Average time for this route is 4 to 5 hours, (8,5 km). If your experience requires a less easier route, you may choose another path which starts from the ?Botsalakia? area, from the side of ?Marathokampos?. Starting from the asphalt, passing to a path with a direction to North, reaching the monastery of ?Evaggelistria?, which is built on the 11th century and, through a network of paths you end up at ?Bigla? the top of mountain ?Kerkis? and also, the highest point of the island at an altitude of 1.4km. it would be superfluous to emphasize that the view from ?Bigla? is really sensational.